Formerly 'Up and Down'

Based on the minor scales.

Formerly 'Up and Down'

Postby admin » Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:31 pm

This had originally been named Up and Down' but my students thought a scary sounding name was better... so it became A Scary Song. This sounds best, I think, if played an octave lower than written. You can make the chords staccato if you like (just write that in). I have been introducing this as the 5th or 6th song (in other words, early on) and wasn't sure at first if small hands could handle the chords. I show them the chords but then tell them it is OK to leave the middle finger out. So far, every young student has managed to play all 3 fingers. They like the sound and are motivated to get the middle finger playing too.

For those who know Chester, it is easy to change the rhythm and modify but this can be taught just as easily from scratch. I usually teach everything in the RH only leaving out the ending chords. Once both hands can play the whole song together (and it doesn't have to be perfectly), then I add the chords at the end.
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