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Blues in the key of D

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:47 pm
by admin
I didn't want to have my students only playing their blues pieces in the key of C. That is why I wrote this piece in D. It is probably easier to learn this as a rote piece than as a rhythm piece (especially with new readers). Some have difficulty with the rhythm. When my students are having a hard time getting both hands together with a given rhythm, I will often tell them to stay in the I position and play with their eyes closed. They usually look at me like I am crazy and think they can't do it, but I encourage them to try. It works nearly every time that they can then get the rhythm into the hands. Taking away the sense of sight helps them focus on what their hands are DOING rather than what they look like on the keyboard.

This pieces is also a good piece for a discussion on transposing if you haven't already had that discussion. If you have had it, then you can use this to find the IV and V position based on their transposing skills rather than relying on their reading skills initially.

I find that even if students memorize the 12 bar blues pattern, they don't always 'get' how it is used. This piece can often help solidify the learning.