About Us........                                                                                                                                       For over 10 years I was licensed to teach a non-traditional, "playing-based" (i.e. rote) method and was pleased with the results, as were my students (I have maintained a studio of 60 - 70 students for the last several years with most students being with me for 5+ years.)                                                                                                                            In late 2011/early 2012 I began to see the need to move in a different direction.  I began writing pieces for my students that were very pattern-based which could be used as either reading projects or taught by rote. I shared these initial pieces with both my students and a few other teachers I knew and was pleased with the positive responses I got.                                                                                                                                                                                                    In this economy, I am very conscious of the costs I have to pass on to my families.  While I know it is not realisitic to expect piano lessons to be within the economic grasp of everyone, I believe they can and should be within the grasp of the majority.  That is the reason for the licensing model I have set up.  For centuries music was passed from one generation to another without worrying about who originally wrote the song and paying them each time their work was performed or copied. I believe there is great value in that model today.  Yet I also believe it is fair to be compensated in some way for the time and effort put into making these songs available, hence the nominal charge.  If this model works, perhaps this website will become the meeting place for teachers of like-mind who would also like to publish e-books of their pieces and make them available to teachers everywhere. I believe we become better teachers when we work together and share our knowledge and talents. My fervent hope is that these pieces add much to your studio when you use them.