Providing cost effective, fun to play music to teachers of both traditional, reading based methods and non-traditional rote or playing based methods.

A new way to buy music....    What if there was a way to provide good sounding, fun to play music in a variety of styles to your students for just pennies a piece?  What if you had unlimited flexibility in how you used the music? Traditionally, music is taught out of books which are pre-printed and bound leaving little flexibility in how material is introduced. This can also become rather expensive. Often, a page gets cluttered with markings leaving it difficult to play the piece in the end. At Teacher Created Music, we are providing an alternative to this while drastically reducing the cost so more money goes towards your bottom line. Music purchased from TCM will be immediately delivered as a PDF download meaning you can print off individual pages or whole books for your students within minutes of ordering. When you purchase a book, you will be granted a license giving you the right to print off as many copies as you need for use in your private studio... forever. Visit our store to learn more!

Welcome to Teacher Created Music!  Some of my favorite composers are teachers!  Recently I discovered the work of Dror Perl, a teacher/composer/performer who has 3 books available for purchase, Purple, Red, and Blue.  If you like jazz, blues and funk and are looking for some pieces that are fun and relatively simple to read yet challenging to play, I suggest you check out his website!

Share ideas... Visit the blog  to read about and share new ideas for more effective teaching in your studio. In the forum you will find notes related to the pieces of music found on this site. The first two books that have been released, TCM Blues I and TCM Potpourri, are full of pattern based pieces suitable for use as rote/playing based pieces or as reading based pieces.